Black Coffee bags deal in acquiring stake in Gallo Music Investment

With the toxic oozing from the hip hop industry earlier today, Black Coffee redirects everyone’s attention to a new deal just bagged for himself and the culture.

Taking to social media, the acclaimed international DJ announced that his investment company, FlightMode Digital has acquired a stake in Gallo Music group, as a part of a newly signed equity deal.

“I am now one of the major shareholders of this incredible piece of South African culture and history. This deal is important because its not about me, its about what this means for the collective SA Music community, the music ecosystem, its about changing the narrative from what was a highly exploitative system, to one of renewal and fairness,” he said.

“With Gallo as one of the greatest music company’s in the world, we can start to build a new equitable African Music narrative, in an environment where the artist thrives,” he added.

Most celebs including artists in the industry are excited with this feat and have congratulated the star on his timeline.

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