DJ Tira – “I don’t have anything against Tns”


DJ Tira have cleared the air after been dragged on social media over Tns issue.

Hashtag “Shimza must fall” kicked off on Twitter as he was accused of allegedly cancelling Tns on the Lockdown House party line up.

Tira was also criticized for not standing up to support the young music producer, who took to Twitter lamenting on how he is alone and issues he had with some persons in the music industry.

Dj shimza must fall for canceling TNS on #LockdownHouseParty and DJ Tira must also fall for not protecting this young man. Like wtf is wrong with the world, TNS is only 19 years old and doesn’t have family.💔 #Shimzamustfall

— 2nd_Born😎 (@drdwing) April 17, 2020

However, Tira shared a video on social media, explaining that he’s got nothing against Tns and he’s been helpful to his career. He also added that people should stop criticising him once something goes wrong with a Durban music artist.

In the video, the DJ said:

“I don’t have anything against Tns. I love that boy, he’s so talented. He’s One of the best producers from Durban. He is doing very well and I love him.”

“I supported him when he started his record label, he wanted advice… I gave him”

“Why will Tira have a problem with Tns? … I am good. I hate this thing of everything happens in Durban – It’s Tira; Guys, it must end.”

“I think Tns should also come out and say what’s the problem and name people…”

Watch video below:

Siyabonga Makoya @DJTira ngiyazile ukhuth it’s not you 💯💯 still gad mad love for you ❤️

— Bawbie_blaq 🌹 (@meesyblaq) April 19, 2020


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