Kwesta to give a masterclass to 10 SA artists

Kwesta announces plans to give 10 South African artists a masterclass on music.

The rapper is willing to give out strategies on moving their career and how the business side of music is.

Kwesta claims it’s going to be a huge impact.

However, the class will be for just 10 people due to COVID-19.

“I’m very excited to announce that I will be giving a Masterclass at AMPD Studios by Old Mutual this Wednesday morning about my experience navigating the business of being an artist in South Africa. I cannot wait to chat to you about some of the things I’ve learned and strategies you can use to get your career going.”

“I’ll also be taking questions from you! Due to social distancing regulations we are only able to take TEN people! Yes 10.”

“If you’d like to attend my masterclass on Wednesday morning, please click on this link and fill in…”

Check out details below:

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