LOL: Nadia Nakai claims break-up with ex made her sell records

Nadia Nakai discloses on social media that splitting with her ex-boyfriend brought her goodness, especially the recently received plaque.

After announcing that her single, More Drugs is certified gold, she further explained what caused the new achievement.

“It took Patience, Hard work and a lot of PRACTICE! And not letting ANYBODY get me down!!!!! Look guys I finally got a plaque!!!! MORE DRUGS is certified gold!!!!! Thank you @familytreeworld @umgsa @defjamafrica @at_handle,” she announced.

Speaking of breaking up with her ex-boyfriend, she said:

“It’s so funny how a breakup got me gold!”

Bragga dropped a new project today, Nadia Naked deluxe, and she’s excited about the collaboration she has with the American rapper, Vic.

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