Major League DJz on “Pianochella” – “Creating this album has been one hell of a journey”


Apr 19, 2020

Major League DJz dropped some details about the making of their upcoming album titled, Pianochella.

The duo said that working on the project has been hellish. Though, exciting but it drained them.

The DJz travelled around SA just to get the sounds they desire and they’ve shared videos of some of their workings, including snippets of tracks from the album.

However, they promise it’s going to be worth all the stress and hard-work.

“Creating this album has been one hell of a journey…an exciting and draining one (emotionally). a journey that’s has taken us to different places around South Africa to find the sound we looking for… we have worked with people from different walks of life… dance music has opened up another side to music we never thought we would obtain. You will enjoy this masterpiece,” they captioned post.

Pianochella is to drop at the end of this month, April.

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